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What does it cost to join Thomas Wall Archers?

The fee to join TWA is made up of four parts.

1st October 2023 - 30th September 2024 : Renewing members           

TWA Membership
Archery GB Membership
Surrey Archery Membership
SCAS Membership
Total cost
Senior £ 45.00
Senior £ 50.00
Senior £ 5.50
Senior £ 2.00
Senior £102.50
Junior/Under 25 £45.00
Junior/Under 25 £13.00
Junior/Under 25 £ 1.00
Junior/Under 25 £ 1.00
Junior/Under 25 £60.00

For new members from 1st October 2023 the senior membership for Archery GB is £53, Under 25's is £17.  So Senior club fees will be £105.50 and Under 25's £64 for members joining after 30th September 2023

The cost of membership is also pro rata for the Archery GB and TWA percentage. The year starts on the 1st of October, please ask for details.
We can also offer a 10% discount on the TWA membership percentage for husband and wife, partner or parent and child.
If you would like to join us as an associate, be it as a senior or junior, we can offer this for £45.00 per year and this will be pro rata as with the costs shown above.
Note: You will need to be a member of Archery GB to shoot with us.

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