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Coaching at TWA

Coaching is available free of charge to all members upon request.  We will work out a time with yourself that is mutually acceptable to you and the coach.


Whether you wish a small tweak or a full makeover of your shooting, we have one County coach, one Level 2  coach and a Level 1 coach ready to assist you. If you want coaching then it is up to you to approach a coach as our coaches do not approach archers to offer coaching.  This is in accordance with the coaching conduct.  We may feel that you may require assistance, but you may be happy with your shooting and do not wish us to assist, therefore you must ask us if you wish for help/coaching.


During the summer months Tuesday evening coaching is dedicated to any juniors who wish it, as long as a coach is available.  Junior coaching during the winter will be in the form of exercises to assist muscle memory and strength.  This will be carried out on a Saturday morning between 09.30 and 10.00 indoors as it is too cold on the field to work constructively with youngsters.

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